Submit a wall for consideration by Up Here


So you’ve got a wall?

You’ve got a great wall that could use some colour? You’d like to have an Up Here mural in your neighbourhood? We are looking to grow our list of potential mural locations around Greater Sudbury for consideration by our artistic team.

Once our artistic committee has finalized the muralist selection for the festival, we present options to them and match them up with the most fitting walls or locations. The final selection really comes down to the artist, what they want to do and where their work will have the largest impact.

Our desire is also to create a public list of potential walls that both Up Here muralists and community artists can consult to encourage the independent creation of new murals all over the city. If you would like your wall to be shared with other artists, please make sure to give us permission at the end of this survey.

Note that due to high quantity of wall submissions, only successful applicants will be notified. Wall selection is completed by the end of June of every year.