Up Fest is now Up Here

Hello. So, no big deal, but we’re changing our name. From now on, Up Fest will be called Up Here. Up Here — Urban Art & Music Festival.

Why Up Here?

Because Up Here is more relevant and less redundant. It’s more than a festival. It’s where we are and where we’re going. Up Here is where we live, where we play, and where we come together to throw one hell of a party.

Why now?

There’s this great mural festival across the pond in Bristol, UK called Upfest. When we named our festival in 2014, our brilliant team somehow brilliantly overlooked theirs. Upfest Bristol has been really awesome with letting us run with Up Fest for our first edition last summer. For our next edition, we’ve received submissions from artists across the world who want to come to Sudbury. Our festival is well on its way to becoming internationally recognized. For that to happen, it’s become increasingly obvious to us that we need our own identity, and it turns out it’s been Up Here all along.

In 2012, we created We Live Up Here. We had no idea that it would turn into this incredible incubator for positive change in our community. Who would have guessed that a game of porketta bingo would turn into photography books, satirical buttons about Sudbury’s stereotypes, dozens of videos portraits of our neighbours, a bunch of new public art and finally into the birth a brand new festival? This cultivating Sudbury saga continues. Thanks for being a part of it.

We’re making Up Fest disappear, but worry not, now we’re Up Here.