Evie: 5-Year Volunteer

Evie volunteering during Up Here 4

Evie volunteering during Up Here 4

I've been involved in this festival ever since the “Up Fest” days, and as we come upon Up Here's fifth anniversary, I could not be more excited for another year as a volunteer!

Volunteers are a key piece of the puzzle for festivals like Up Here, it would not run as smoothly, or run at all, without the help of everyone who volunteers. Many come back year after year, like I do, because of the experience and the way the volunteers are treated Up Here. The appreciation is out of this world! The volunteers are valued and appreciated, the team and volunteer coordinators always make sure that you are taken care of and feeling good.

For me, experiencing the festival as a volunteer has helped me develop a deeper appreciation for everyone who lends a hand or two. You see the hard work people put in, giving so much of their time to make this weekend into a memorable festival we all love. You see the artists in their element, doing something they enjoy.

Speaking of artists, the lineup this year is packed with talented people. There is something for everyone! If you're looking for hip hop check out Jae Sterling or Snotty Nose Rez Kids. Maybe folk is more your taste? Give Jennifer Holub or Steven Lambke a listen. Looking for something a lil more punk rock with a hint of rock? Pale Lips is for you. With over 40 artists to choose from, there is definitely a show for everyone.

The murals have got everyone excited this summer too. Four new ones and a tonne of installations and power-up boxes are coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled! Up Here is definitely not something to miss this summer.

Evie Tomlin