Sudbury Insider Tip: Where to Find Quick Bites Downtown

Want a snack, but don’t want to go far, or leave the festival for too long? Were you so busy exploring and dancing that you forgot to eat, and now you’re hot and hangry? Before you get to that point, here’s a list of six quick snacks you can get downtown!

Cheese Cone 2.JPG

Charcutierie Cones at La Fromagerie

Charcuterie cones are cheese plates packed in a paper cone that can be eaten on the go. They can be made vegetarian or vegan. If you haven’t tried vegan cheese yet, this is the place! Drop in or call ahead to order and they’ll have your cone ready for you while you walk from one venue to another.


Kimchi Trio at Sapporo Ichibang

Although Sapporo features mostly Japanese food, the owners are Korean, and so is my favourite snack here. The kimchi trio is a combination of spicy pickled side dishes. It’s perfect for when you’re feeling too hot to eat but know you should. The first in the trio is classic kimchi, the second is sliced zucchini, and the third is cubed radish. You’ll be craving that last one after you leave, trust me! If you’re still hungry after that, consider adding Sudbury’s only vegetarian gyoza, or give the red bean or the black sesame ice cream a try.


Tapas at The Alibi Room

This place is known for its carefully crafted cocktails and knowledgeable bartenders. It’s a great place for a night cap and a late-night snack you won’t regret in the morning. They’ve got customizable tapas plates with a good selection of pickled vegetables, cheeses, meats, and hummus to choose from. Their back patio is new this year and perfect for winding down at the end of the night. 

Bubble Tea.JPG

Bubble Tea at Tea in Bloom

This next snack is a drink, but it’s so filling I’m calling it a snack. Tea in Bloom is the place to go for bubble tea. If you’re not familiar with that: It’s a cold, blended drink made with tea, juice, or milk. It’s served with your choice of tapioca pearls, jelly squares, or popping boba, which kind of have the texture of gummy candy and are sipped through a large straw. My go-to is always milky taro with tapioca pearls. 

Quiche and Quinao.JPG

Quiche at The Cedar Nest Décor Café 

Although you can get these next snacks to go, I recommend sitting and eating in. The décor is a little quirky but classic which makes it the perfect spot for a few minutes of quiet. They’ve got ready-made quiche with the flakiest crust, classic sandwiches and hearty  salads. They also have a variety of homemade sweets. The Russian walnut tea cakes are perfect to eat on the go.


Churros at Taco Sol

The last snack spot on this list is Taco Sol. Although they’ve got a solid menu, it’s their sweets I like most. Stop in for a tamarind-flavoured Jaritos and cinnamon sprinkled churros, or try their rice pudding. Take a seat on their patio and soak in the Durham Street views.

Mel Trottier