We need your help.

So here’s the deal. Last night, we had a bunch of specialized equipment including industrial paint sprayers stolen from us at the Hospital site. Two locks were cut to get to it. It’s super shitty. 

If you hear of anything, see any at local pawn shops or on Kijiji let me know or call the police at 705-675-9171 and reference Incident number SU19059467. If they come back, we won’t ask questions or press charges. If you have a paint sprayer that you can donate or let us borrow, get in touch.

We are committed to completing the biggest mural in Canada right here in Sudbury but right now, we really need your help. 

The reality is that we’ve incurred a lot of unexpected costs while pulling off this ambitious project—extra equipment, extra rentals, extra paint, extra help. We knew that breaking any record was going to have some bumps along the way but this morning’s theft of equipment is a particular blow. 

We will keep plowing forward because we know how important and inspiring this project is for all of Sudbury. As it stands, we’re working to complete this project at a loss. Panoramic Properties have helped us cover a good chunk of the project costs, but right now, we need more more help to pull this off. Just like we’ve done with past projects, we are now coming to you to ask for help. 

We are looking for donations to help us offset costly unexpected expenses. Any little bit helps. All donations will go towards paying local suppliers and partners. 

We are a small group of dedicated Sudburians who love to play a role in reshaping the way we see and interact with our community. We are a 100% volunteer-run organization.

If you can, please consider making a donation today. 

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