Homework: Read the Schedule, Know Your Venues!

So you've got your ticket. Now what'll you do? Wait till the event then go? Hell NO!

The Schedule is Your Friend

By now, you've downloaded the app, checked out the schedule, and gone down the wormhole of videos and songs to see what artists you're curious about or would just plain enjoy. If you have not, you're very naughty. Go make a tea/coffee/whiskey neat/smoothie, whatever, who cares? Just sit your butt down and check out your options.

You've contemplated who you want to go with. Hopefully you've found a compatible adventure partner/group, or are excited to hit it solo (aka free bird).

Going with the flow in the moment can be magical. It can also suck. Let's see why.

You're a sensitive type and love a gently-worked lyric with some sweet harmonies, but you decide last minute to tag along with your friends and end up at Nuage Flou's furiously noisy rock show. You might enjoy your friend's enthusiasm, but then again ... you could've been enjoying some ambient sounds from Ziibiwan at The Laughing Buddha while enjoying a lovely microbrew. Who knew? The schedule: That's who!

You've heard Charlotte Cardin on CBC Radio and head over to St. Matthews Lutheran Church, but guess what? It's been sold out for weeks. Boo hoo for you.

You see the name Reykjavíkurdætur in the program, and since you don't know what the heck that means you dismiss one of Iceland's most radical acts and will cry about it for the next year.

Hunger hits 5 p.m. on Saturday and you decide to take care of that grumbler at the nearest deli. That's great, but you could've taken in one of the St. Jean's Day Divas du Nord, Cindy Doire, at The Laughing Buddha while eating a saucy pizza, or having the best burger in town next door at The Townehouse while listening to Kutch. Come on!

Venue Considerations

The schedule will also let you know where things are happening all weekend long.

There are three major outdoor venues: Memorial Park, Durham Street, and … a surprise (or surprises!)

On the Saturday afternoon, bring your kids and your parents to Memorial Park for a Family Day with lots of fun activities and live performances. It's free, there's shade, and you can get wet if you like (there’s a splash pad!)

There will also be live DJs and a ton of other fun stuff taking place on Durham Street all weekend long, so hang around there to stay tuned in to it all.

If you've never participated in the Up Here Mystery Tour, here's another chance. Get on a bus from a particular location with other curious folk and see where it takes you. How often do we get a chance to do that safely?

Most of the Up Here 5 shows take place under various roofs so no need for high-production UV creams. What to expect from these venues?

Luckily, all the venues have seating but these are popular events that can fill up fast. If you love to dance but your backpack doesn't, you can benefit from going with pals who prefer to sit; they'll watch your bag and your great moves; everybody wins. Close quarters at a popular show means you'll not only rub shoulders with others but often know what they had for dinner.

Venue Accessibility Notes

19 Grey Street: Unfortunately, the venue is non-accessible

La Fromagerie: The venue and bathrooms are accessible

The Grand: The venue and bathrooms are accessible

The Laughing Buddha: The venue and bathrooms are accessible

Little Montreal: The venue and bathrooms are accessible

St. Matthews New Hope Lutheran: The venue and bathrooms are accessible

Zig’s: Unfortunately, the venue is non-accessible

Dar ~i~