Wanted: Bloggers!


Have you always wanted to write about music, art, and/or everything weird & wonderful in Sudbury?

We’re looking for folks to write for Up Here’s official blog leading up to (and during!) this year’s festival.

What do you get in exchange?

  • The chance to be an expert on the things you love

  • Credit for your work

  • Our endless gratitude

  • For 4 posts (around 300 words each)—a full media pass for the whole festival!

  • For individual posts (around 300 words each)—access to specific shows

What do we want?


We’re open to all sorts of content, whatever you can dream up. That said, there are a few topics we’d love covered, including but not limited to:

  • Artist profiles or trivia—Are you tight with a band or artist coming this year, or do you happen to have an encyclopedic knowledge of one of them? Share those fun facts with us!

  • “What to expect” write ups—Have you seen one of this year’s artists perform before? Write about your experience!

  • How-to guides—How do you dance? How do you intervene if someone’s being a creep? How do you festival sober? How do you decide which shows to go to? What do you wear/carry for an urban festival? Give us your tips!

  • Sudbury insider tips—Where can people find tasty snacks in town? Top notch beaches? The best coffee? Cool photo ops? Share your Sudbury know-how with out-of-towners!

  • Fond/funny memories—Do you have a story to share about attending/volunteering for/performing at an Up Here of yore? We want to hear it!

  • Thoughts & reflections—Do you have thoughts on something, anything, related to art and music in Sudbury? Share your opinions with us!

  • Playlists—Love Spotify and love making playlists? Make one based on this year’s artists/past artists to get people pumped!

  • Photo series—Have you taken a bunch of pictures during past festivals (or want to take a bunch this year)? Create a gallery for the blog!

  • En français, in english, whatever!—Tu veux bloguer en français? Tiguidou! On est game!

If you’d like to blog with us, get in touch with Ella Jane at ellajane.myers@gmail.com and she can give you all the details.






Ella Jane Myers